• This is a full-day program, taking place on Monday, July 31.

    The sexual abuse of minors has garnered a strong response from religious communities over the past 20 years, culminating in a distinct safeguarding ministry, exemplified by adherence to the Praesidium Accreditation Standards and a commitment to creating and sustaining cultures of safety within our religious communities.

    Today, however, safeguarding ministry is facing new challenges, spurred in part by recent lookback laws on sexual harassment of adults, social movements like "me too," and an increasing awareness of the necessity of maintaining good boundaries. Join us for this day-long program examining the process and best practices for addressing adult misconduct in your community.

  • This is a half-day program, taking place during the afternoon on Thursday, August 3.

    This post-assembly will examine how and when leaders should engage partners in managing communal commitments in ministries, pastoral planning, internal planning, sponsored institutions, and governance of the community. When is it a good idea to call on lay associates or others to manage a sponsored ministry or ask for their input on governance issues? How can finance or management experts help leaders with their administrative burdens, and what issues can arise from such an arrangement? Join a lineup of leaders, partners, and experts for an exploration of these issues.



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